Monday, 28 October 2013

French Bedroom Furniture

Our stunning range of antique French bedroom furniture has all been carefully selected and comprises of beautifully crafted pieces that exude elegance, romance and quality.  Bring the sophistication of French style into your bedroom with a delicately carved rococo bed, an ornate armoire, or a unique bedside table.  The beauty of French antique furniture is its ability to effortlessly sit alongside a spectrum of styles and tastes. Whether you want to create an opulent and palatial boudoir, or channel the relaxed elegance of a country chateau, our French antique bedroom furniture is ideal.

Our Rococo style antique double bed has the versatility to inspire a range of interior design styles. With its soft wax finish in Farrow and Ball lime white and gentle hand carved curves, this impressive piece will work with pretty florals for rustic charm, as well as with luxurious detailing for opulent glamour.  Dating from around the 1900s, this genuine French antique piece can be painted to suit your exact requirements, should it not fit with your current colour scheme.  Your bedroom can become a haven of tranquil grandeur with this truly stunning rococo style antique double bed.

The French antique 2 door Louis XV style armoire features mirrored doors, gentle curves and a lightly distressed soft wax finish. Its beautifully carved detailing creates a striking yet elegant piece of antique furniture that exudes sophistication and French style. Ideal for the romantic charm of a country retreat, this wardrobe has been painted in Farrow and Ball lime white, and could equally create the more opulent atmosphere of a city boudoir depending on the furniture it is paired with and alternative choice of finish.  Combine practical storage with a touch of 18th century regality with this stunning armoire.  

Evoking the opulence of the Classical French style, this Henri II style antique bedside table features a unique marble top and ornate hand carved detailing.  Painted in Farrow and Ball lime white, this piece has a single drawer at the top with a larger storage compartment beneath, and can of course be custom finished to suit individual style requirements. 

Browse through our website to see our entire collection antique and vintage French furniture,  or for more information about any of these fine pieces of French bedroom furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Monday, 21 October 2013

Traditional French furniture

Traditional French furniture takes inspiration from a variety of sources. It can comprise of classical pieces of refined elegance taking inspiration from the late 17th century and the opulent bourgeoisie. Alternatively, items can reflect a more rural lifestyle, echoing the rustic charms of provincial French ch√Ęteaus.

Classical French furniture, traditionally intended for the aristocracy, is associated with Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles. Elaborate carving, ornate detailing, gilt work and veneers of tortoiseshell and ivory combine to create an air of palatial sophistication.

Provencal French furniture is characterised by its emphasis on simple carving, cabriole legs, wheat patterns reflecting rural surroundings, and lightly distressed finishes. French elegance is captured in a more relaxed fashion, as romance and rustic charm is encapsulated in each piece of furniture. 
Each piece of our authentic antique and vintage furniture will bring the magnificence of French style into your home. Our extensive range of original pieces include upholstered Rococo chairs, sideboards, gilt mirrors, armoires, bedsteads and dining sets.

Whether you want to make a bold and opulent statement of French Regal style in your dining room or prefer to create a more romantic and refined feel for a bedroom we will have the furnishings for you.

Our bespoke painting service is available if you are working with a colour scheme, where the experts at D & P French Interiors will lovingly carry out alterations using only the highest quality paints. Alternatively, if you have something specific in mind we will happily source French furniture to suit your requirements.

We are passionate about sourcing the finest selection of antique and vintage French furniture. From rustic simplicity to rococo embellishment, D & P French Interiors have a selection of furniture that encapsulates the beauty of French style and sophistication. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Add a touch of elegance with French antique furniture

When it comes to redecorating any room in the house, choosing the furniture can often be one of the trickiest processes, trying to make sure that everything looks good together can seem like a mammoth task, but it needn’t be!

French Furniture

Of course it is important to take your time redecorating to make sure that you are completely happy with the end result; by taking your time you can ensure that you get the chance to think carefully about what style and colour you are going to go for, it also means that you can spend plenty of time looking at all your different options and choosing what’s right for you.

Once you have your colour scheme chosen you can then go about selecting your furniture, one of the reasons why this can seem so difficult is because there is simply too much choice. Some people prefer traditional while others prefer modern, some prefer dark woods while others prefer light woods, whatever you prefer there is no shortage of amazing furniture for you to choose from!

If you are at the furniture choosing stage and are struggling let me offer you one piece of advice: you can’t go wrong with French antique furniture! Don’t be fooled into thinking that antique furniture is old fashioned and lacks style because this simply is not the case, French furniture can turn any room into a unique and stylish masterpiece.

French antique furniture has the ability to add elegance to any room and can add decoration without being overly bold; this subtlety is what makes this style of furniture perfect for so many rooms because it will always look great. This is proved by its popularity; so many people love French antique furniture and if you aren’t already one of those people you soon will be.

Of course it would be wrong to say that French furniture is ideal for everyone, but if you like style, elegance and combining the old with the new, and then it certainly is the perfect option for you!