Monday, 21 October 2013

Traditional French furniture

Traditional French furniture takes inspiration from a variety of sources. It can comprise of classical pieces of refined elegance taking inspiration from the late 17th century and the opulent bourgeoisie. Alternatively, items can reflect a more rural lifestyle, echoing the rustic charms of provincial French ch√Ęteaus.

Classical French furniture, traditionally intended for the aristocracy, is associated with Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles. Elaborate carving, ornate detailing, gilt work and veneers of tortoiseshell and ivory combine to create an air of palatial sophistication.

Provencal French furniture is characterised by its emphasis on simple carving, cabriole legs, wheat patterns reflecting rural surroundings, and lightly distressed finishes. French elegance is captured in a more relaxed fashion, as romance and rustic charm is encapsulated in each piece of furniture. 
Each piece of our authentic antique and vintage furniture will bring the magnificence of French style into your home. Our extensive range of original pieces include upholstered Rococo chairs, sideboards, gilt mirrors, armoires, bedsteads and dining sets.

Whether you want to make a bold and opulent statement of French Regal style in your dining room or prefer to create a more romantic and refined feel for a bedroom we will have the furnishings for you.

Our bespoke painting service is available if you are working with a colour scheme, where the experts at D & P French Interiors will lovingly carry out alterations using only the highest quality paints. Alternatively, if you have something specific in mind we will happily source French furniture to suit your requirements.

We are passionate about sourcing the finest selection of antique and vintage French furniture. From rustic simplicity to rococo embellishment, D & P French Interiors have a selection of furniture that encapsulates the beauty of French style and sophistication. 

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